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Haworthia cuspidata ‘Star Window Plant

Haworthia cuspidata ‘Star Window Plant’

This small, rosette forming succulent has thick, wedge-shaped leaves that are bright green with dark green markings, and pointed tips. It is commonly known as “Star Window Plant”, because of its “windowed” translucent leaves, making it an interesting addition to any succulent collection. It is rather slow growing but will develop many offsets, and over time create a dense clump.

Position your Haworthia in a bright yet shady area, and be sure to plant in very well-drained soil. This plant should never be allowed to sit in water, as it will cause root rot. Spring and fall are when growth is most active, so water thoroughly, then wait until the soil dries out before watering again. Provide occasional, half-strength fertilizer during these active growing seasons.

Winter is a time when growth slows down dramatically, so these succulents require significantly less water. Again, allow soil to dry between waterings. In the hottest summer months, when they are mostly dormant, water just enough to keep the leaves from shriveling.

We are currently growing Haworthia cuspidata ‘Star Window Plant’ in 5.5” containers.


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