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Aloe zanzibarica, Aloe juvenna (Tiger Tooth Aloe)

This unique Aloe is endemic to a small region in Kenya, East Africa and has made its way into cultivation in the nursery trade throughout the United States of America. The thick, emerald-green leaves have light green and white spots on both the inner and outer surface. Each leaf has translucent, creamy white teeth along its margins. They have the appearance of being sharp, but are really quite flexible.

Aloe zanzibarica is fairly low growing and spreads by lateral plantlets that create dense clusters of rosettes. Occasional long stems will form that have an arching habit and will grow 1-2 feet long. This plant is ideal for rock gardens, hanging succulent baskets and containers. If planted in a bright room, these also make attractive house plants.

The Sunset Climate Zones are 8, 9, 12-24. They are cold hardy to 25°F, and require porous, well-drained soil. Plant in full sun to partial shade. If planted in full sun, the leaves will take on a reddish hue.

We are currently growing Aloe zanzibarica in 5.5” pots. Visit our website to see photos of these and many other plants we are growing. Also, follow us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to stay up to date on what’s happening in this beautiful Los Osos Valley.


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