Tillandsia usneoides (Air Plant, Spanish Moss, Old Man’s Beard, Spanish Beard)

Tillandsia usneoides (Air Plant, Spanish Moss, Old Man’s Beard, Spanish Beard) Several years ago a friend brought us a handful of Tillandsia usneoides and said “You should grow this!” Well, we hung it in one of our Propagation Houses and watched it grow and grow and grow. We divided it up many times over the years and watched those new clusters grow and grow and grow. Well, the time has come for us to say to our friends and customers, “You should grow this!” The common name of “Spanish Moss” originated as “Spanish Beard”, so named by the French for the resemblance to a Conquistador’s long beard, calling it “Barbe Espagnol”. Some Native American tribes called it “itla-akla”, meaning “tree hai

Westringia fruticosa x eremicola ‘Wynyabbie Gem’

Westringia fruticosa x eremicola ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ Native to Australia, ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ is one of the larger varieties of Westringia on the market. It grows 6-8 feet tall x 4-6 feet wide, with a rather airy growth habit. It thrives in both full sun to partial shade and requires low to moderate water once established. It is tolerant of wind and salt spray, making it an excellent choice for coastal gardens. Its size at maturity lends itself to being used as a natural screen or hedge. ‘Wynyabbie Gem’ is a hybrid between coastal fruticosa and inland eremicola. It originated from Wynyabbie Nursery in Jindalee, Queensland, which is where it got it cultivar name. This attractive perennial has an eleg

Mentha requienii ‘Mini Mint’

Mentha requienii ‘Mini Mint’ Commonly known as Corsican Mint, Mentha requienii ‘Mini Mint’ is the newest breeding of this tried and true perennial groundcover. ‘Mini Mint’ creates a lush, emerald-green carpet when allowed to creep along the ground, and fills in nicely when planted between stepping stones. It’s attractive when billowing over the sides of containers, and is perfect for creating a luxurious green lawn for Fairy Gardens. It grows 1-3 inches tall by 6-12 inches wide, setting down roots as it spreads. The foliage has a minty, sage-like scent, and although the leaves are not toxic, the flavor is not palatable. ‘Mini Mint’ grows best in shade to dappled sunlight, and planted in well

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