Impatiens interspecific ‘Bounce’ series

Impatiens interspecific ‘Bounce’ series Every now and then a garden bed spans an area that receives full sun, dappled light and full shade. It isn’t often that you can find a plant that can thrive all three conditions, creating a cohesive look, however the Impatiens interspecific ‘Bounce’ series is up for the job. The vivid colors in this series create a bright and beautiful display when mass planted or tuck in nicely as the “filler” in a thriller, filler, spiller mixed container. We are currently growing ‘Bright Coral’, ‘Cherry’ and ‘Pink Flame’ in one gallon containers. These perennial Impatiens are low maintenance, heat tolerant and are at home in shade or sun. They are cold hardy to 32°F

Verbena speciosa ‘Imagination’

This outstanding hybrid Verbena is both an All American Selection Winner and a Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. It is a hardy plant that was tested and proven to be superior in professional landscapes and home gardens. ‘Imagination’ has an abundance of 2” dark purple flower clusters that bloom the first year and continue all season long, from spring through fall. They attract butterflies but are both rabbit and deer resistant. The plants have dissected foliage and grow 1-3 feet tall and 3-6 feet wide, spreading by creeping stems called stolens that grow on top of the soil. It is an excellent choice as a groundcover on slopes and banks to help keep the ground secure from erosion. If planted 18

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Blue Spear’ (English Lavender)

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Blue Spear’ (English Lavender) English Lavenders are one of the most popular varieties of Lavenders to grow in home gardens. They have a tidy, mounded growth habit with sweetly scented foliage and deep purple flower spikes. ‘Blue Spear’ is fairy new in the horticultural world and is gaining in popularity because of its uniform growth habit and flower spikes that are taller than most other Lavender angustifolias. It grows 11-13 inches tall x 9-11 inches wide and is ideal for garden beds and patio containers. ‘Blue Spear’ will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. It is both heat and drought tolerant (once established). It is Rabbit and Deer resistant, but the local

Dianthus interspecific ‘Everlast’™ series.

Dianthus interspecific ‘Everlast’™ series. If you are looking for a plant that offers true, classic beauty but is tough as nails, then Dianthus interspecific ‘Everlast’™ is for you! This Dianthus has a compact growth habit of 8-10 inches tall x 10-14 inches wide. The long and narrow leaves are topped with extremely fragrant, semi-double flowers that attract both Hummingbirds and Butterflies. The sweetly scented blooms appear in autumn, and continue through winter, spring and early summer. They will go into a somewhat dormant stage during the hottest months of summer then rev back up again with an abundance of blooms in the coolness of fall. The ‘Everlast’™ series can handle both heat and col

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