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Echeveria ‘Rosea’

Echeveria ‘Rosea’

An elegant, rosette-forming succulent with wavy, gray-blue leaves that also have slight have lavender-rose overtones. These are truly beautiful plants that are spectacular when clustered in groups of three or five in a rock garden, or as a showy specimen plant in a container. Either way, you’re sure to fall in love with these fabulous succulents.

As with most Echeverias, ‘Rosea’ is well-adapted to dry conditions. In fact, this is what they prefer. They don’t like “wet feet”, so it’s important to plant them in very well-drained soil. Provide occasional, deep watering, and allow the soil to dry before the next watering. If planted in a pot, make sure that it has good drainage and is not sitting in water. During the winter months ‘Rosea’ will go into a dormant period and will need even less water than in spring or summer.

These beauties grow 6-18” tall x 4-18” across. In the spring and summer they send up spikes that are topped with nodding, bell-shaped flowers in shades of salmon & coral. The local Hummingbird population will make frequent visits to your garden when they are in bloom. After the blooms are spent, simply cut the stem at the base of the plant.

‘Rosea’ should be grown in either partial/morning sun or bright shade. They are cold hardy, for brief periods of time, to about 28°F. Protect from extended periods of freezing temperatures. The Sunset Climate Zones are 8-9, 12-24. We are currently growing Echeveria ‘Rosea’ in 5.5” & 6” containers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on what’s happening around our nursery.

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