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Catananche caerulea ‘Cupid’s Dart’

A free-flowering herbaceous perennial in the Asteracea Family. Narrow blue-green leaves grow from a basal rosette, and masses of sturdy upright stems are topped with 2” flowers in shades of lavender with deep purple centers. Straw-like seed heads that shimmer in the sunlight form after the flowers have bloomed and they are a perfect accent for a dried flower arrangement.

These charming plants are easy to grow and will thrive in a flower or herb garden and look especially at home in a summer cottage garden. Catananche caerulea is deer resistant, but Butterflies and Bees find them irresistible. Plant in full sun, in loose well-draining soil. Provide average water – a bit more in the extreme heat of summer. It grows 1-2 ft tall x 1 ft wide.

Legend says that the common name of ‘Cupid’s Dart’ originated when the

Ancient Greeks and Romans used this plant as a love potion. We’re not so sure about love potions, but we sure do love the look of Catananche c. ‘Cupid’s Dart’!

The Sunset Western Garden Zones are 1-10, 14-24. We are currently selling these beauties in one gallon containers. To see photos of these and many other plants we are growing, visit our website, and as always, we welcome you to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @clearwatercolornursery.


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