Westringia fruticosa ‘Coast Rosemary’

As the name implies, this perennial shrub is an excellent choice for coastal gardens, as it is extremely tolerant of the wind and salt spray found along the sea shore. Westringia fruticosa ‘Coast Rosemary’ is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. Its natural growth habit is well-branched, open and airy. However, if a more formal look is what you’re going for, simply prune ‘Coast Rosemary’ into a formal hedge or even a compact topiary. It grows 2-5 feet tall x 4-7 feet wide and has fine-textured foliage very similar to that of Rosemary officinalis. Dainty, white two-lipped flowers with tiny burgundy spots appear midwinter through spring, attracting Hummingbirds and other beneficial p

Strawberry ‘Roman Pink’, ‘Toscano Deep Rose’ & ‘Summer Breeze Deep Rose’ (Fragaria x ananassa)

Strawberry ‘Roman Pink’, ‘Toscano Deep Rose’ & ‘Summer Breeze Deep Rose’ (Fragaria x ananassa) With spring just about two months away, the first Strawberry plants are hitting the market. These new varieties have semi-double flowers ranging from pink to deep rose, that turn into an abundance of fragrant, sweet, and juicy berries. These Strawberries are Everbearing which means they produce a steady stream of fruit from spring through frost. The lovely blooms and deep red fruit make this an ideal plant for hanging baskets and window boxes. Planted in containers, this makes a beautiful feature plant on a balcony or backyard patio. It grows 8-12 inches tall x 12-16 inches wide and does best if pl

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