Plectranthus forsteri ‘Variegata’

Plectranthus forsteri ‘Variegata’ A tried and true perennial that thrives in the shade, Plectranthus forsteri ‘Variegata’ is an attractive plant with variegated foliage. The scalloped leaves are medium green and creamy white, and every now and then some of the leaves will also take on a rosy blush along the margins. This plant is grown primarily for its attractive foliage, and its flower may seem rather non-descript, however upon closer observation, the pure white blooms have intricate details that resemble that of a tropical bird. The Genus name “Plectranthus” comes from two different Greek words: “Plectorn”, meaning spur and “Anthos”, meaning flower. This plant is native to tropical areas

Erigeron glaucus ‘W.R.’ (Wayne Roderick)

Erigeron glaucus ‘W.R.’ (Wayne Roderick) Also known as Beach Aster, Erigeron glaucus ‘W.R.’ is a California Native perennial that was first discovered by Horticulturalist and plant adventurer, Wayne Roderick. Since then, it has been enjoyed by vast numbers of plant enthusiast throughout the west coast. ‘W.R.’ grows 8-12” tall and spreads to 18” wide. The deep green foliage stays neat and clean and is topped with pale lavender daisy-like flowers that have a golden center. These cheerful flowers attract Butterflies, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees. When the flowers have faded, simply trim them off at the base and you will be rewarded with almost year-round blooms. This is an ideal plant for borders

Juncus effusus spiralis ‘Twister’ (Corkscrew Rush, Unicorn Rush)

Juncus effusus spiralis ‘Twister’ (Corkscrew Rush, Unicorn Rush) If you want to add some interest to your garden, prompting oohs and aahs from your friends and neighbors, you’ve got to plant some Juncus effuses spiralis ‘Twister’. Although they look a lot like a grass, Juncus plants are actually a Rush, and are in the Juncaceae Family. Grasses are in the Poaceae Family and Sedges are in the Cyperaceae Family. Juncus are round-stemmed and typically have a linear growth habit. ‘Twister’ is unique because of its twisted stems that grow in a cork-screw formation. The deep green stems grow in both a vertical and horizontal manner, making for a fun and whimsical addition to the landscape or mixed

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Gold’ & ‘Toto Rustic’ (Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy, Coneflower)

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Gold’ and ‘Toto Rustic’ (Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy, Coneflower) October has arrived and is beckoning us to fill our homes and gardens with the colors of autumn. Rudbeckia hirta ‘Toto Gold’ and ‘Toto Rustic’ are in full bloom and ready to do their part in the fall décor. ‘Toto Gold’ has charming golden-yellow flowers with chocolate brown centers, and ‘Toto Rustic’ has deep bronze-gold-brick red petals with deep brown centers. They are perfect tucked in among pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds on a front porch or patio. Planted in a pot, they will brighten a kitchen table, and add a cheerful pop of color to an office desk. The flowers are large, reaching 3” across, a

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