Scented Geranium ‘Attar of Roses’ (Pelargonium capitatum)

Scented Geranium ‘Attar of Roses’ (Pelargonium capitatum) Just as the name indicates, this Pelargonium is sweetly scented with the fragrance of Roses. What fun it is to see the delight on a person’s face when they discover this for the first time! ‘Attar of Roses’ refers to the scent of the foliage – not the flowers. The stems and leaves are soft and coated with tiny green, glandular hairs. When brushed against, the essential oils contained in the glandular tissues are extracted, releasing an intense rose scent. These plants are a great candidate to plant along a garden path or in containers on a porch or patio. ‘Attar of Roses’ grows 2 ft tall x 2 ft wide and blooms small, rosy-pink flowers

Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’

Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’ One of the unique culinary pleasures of spring is eating freshly harvested Asparagus. Whether you buy it from your local Grocery store, a Farmer’s Market, have it delivered in your weekly CSA box, or pick it right out of your kitchen garden, fresh Asparagus is a true delight. Originally named for the Greek word (asparagos), meaning “sprout” or “shoot”, this perennial vegetable has been grown for thousands of years. In ancient Rome it was highly sought after and nicknamed “the food of Kings” by King Louise XIV of France. It is a member of the Lily Family and is closely related to Leeks, Garlic and Onions. This highly nutritious vegetable is low in calories, high in

Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’

Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’ If there ever was a tried and true perennial, this would be it! Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’ looks rather dainty, but it’s tough as nails. This perennial is outstanding in the landscape and can tolerate the wind and salt spray of seaside conditions as well as the warmer conditions of inland gardens. ‘Sea Pink’s growth habit is neat and tidy, growing in compact mounds of narrow, grass-like foliage. Slender stems stand above the foliage and are topped with globular flower clusters that are subtended by reddish-colored papery bracts. These pom-pom like flower clusters bloom almost year-round and are a magnet for Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. Armeria al

Verbena lilacina ‘Paseo Rancho’ (Paseo Rancho Cedros Island Verbena)

Verbena lilacina ‘Paseo Rancho’ (Paseo Rancho Cedros Island Verbena) Native to Cedros Island off the coast of Baja California, this herbaceous subshrub has a mounding habit and grows 3-4 feet tall x 4-5 feet wide. It grows a bit taller and wider than its tidy cousin Verbena lilacina ‘De La Mina’. The medium-green foliage is finely dissected, and sends out narrow stems that are topped with light pinkish-lavender flower clusters that have deep purple stamens. These delicate flowers are sweetly scented and attract Bees and Butterflies to the garden. This perennial is ideal for dry borders and containers, and fairly drought tolerant once established. ‘Rancho Paseo’ blooms spring through early fa

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