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Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’

Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’

If there ever was a tried and true perennial, this would be it! Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’ looks rather dainty, but it’s tough as nails. This perennial is outstanding in the landscape and can tolerate the wind and salt spray of seaside conditions as well as the warmer conditions of inland gardens.

‘Sea Pink’s growth habit is neat and tidy, growing in compact mounds of narrow, grass-like foliage. Slender stems stand above the foliage and are topped with globular flower clusters that are subtended by reddish-colored papery bracts. These pom-pom like flower clusters bloom almost year-round and are a magnet for Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.

Armeria alliacea ‘Sea Pink’ grows 6-12 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide. The plants grow bigger than the more common Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’. In addition, the flowers are bigger and a lighter shade of pink. These plants are ideal for planting in a variety of places in the garden; patio containers, wall pockets, window boxes, between pavers, in rock gardens or along a garden path. They would also fit in nicely in a Fairy garden. ‘Sea Pink’ requires average water, and good soil drainage is essential. Plant in full sun to light shade.

The Sunset Climate Zones are A2, A3, 1-9, 14-24. We are currently growing these fine-looking perennials in 6 pack flats. Follow us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to see what’s happening around our neck of the woods.

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