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Carex flacca ‘Blue Zinger’ (C. glauca) Blue Zinger Sedge

This easy to care for, grass-like sedge has narrow steely-blue-green leaves that bring a sense of calm and coolness to the garden, even in the hottest seasons of the year. ‘Blue Zinger’ is non-invasive, yet slowly and steadily spreads by rhizomes to create small islands in the landscape. The thin blades have an arching growth habit, with an average height and width of 12-24 inches. It has a neat and tidy appearance and is ideal planted along a garden path or as a border in a planter bed.

Carex f. ‘Blue Zinger’ is tolerant of both dry and moist soils. It is a slow spreader in dryer conditions and will spread more rapidly in moist conditions. It does best if planted in full to partial sun along the coast and in part to mostly shade in hotter inland regions. It pairs well when planted alongside either annuals or perennials and adds interesting color and texture to mixed containers.

The Sunset Western Climate Zones are 3-9, 14-24 and it is cold hardy to 0°F. We are currently growing Carex flacca ‘Blue Zinger’ in 4.5” pots.


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