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Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit Tricolor’

Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit Tricolor’

Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit Tricolor’ is one of many Jade Plants that will add an eye-catching splash of unique shape and color to your garden or window sill planter. As drought tolerant plants believed to be symbols of good luck, ‘Hobbit Tricolor’ are popular decorative choices for homes and office work spaces. This succulent falls within the genus Crassula, containing 200 other species native to South East Africa. It is contained in the family Crassulaceae, along with Aeonium, Sedum, and Echeveria genera, many of which we also carry.

‘Hobbit Tricolor’ is small and branching, featuring fleshy, deep green tubular leaves. The tips of the leaves are concave in shape and host clusters of pinkish-white flowers from fall into spring. These tips, which redden with sun exposure, transition through a mustard yellow into the deep green body of the leaf. Due to the unique leaf shape, other common names of ‘Hobbit Tricolor’ include ‘Finger Jade’ and ‘Organ Pipe Jade Plant’. This plant is slow growing, reaching 3 feet in height and 2 feet in width at maturity. The interesting branching pattern makes it ideal for Bonsai cultivation.

This plant is easily grown in well drained soil, whether it be in a container or freely in your garden. It prefers full sun but will tolerate partial sun when necessary. Special caution should be taken to avoid overwatering. During dry seasons, it is recommended that the soil be allowed to dry out before watering again. The New Sunset Western Garden Book notes that it grows best in Sunset climate zones 8, 9, and 12-24.

We are currently growing Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit Tricolor’ in 5.5” pots. Give us a call, “Like” us on Facebook, “Follow” us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery, or check out our website to see photos and get information on these and many other plants we grow.


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