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Correa ‘Wyn’s Wonder’ (Variegated Australian Fuchsia)

Native to the Mediterranean climate of the west coast of Australia, this evergreen shrub thrives in our Central Coast climate as well. Correa ‘Wyn’s Wonder’ grows 2-3 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide, making it an ideal perennial for an informal hedge, slopes or large pots. The 1” oval leaves are olive-green with creamy white variegation and borders. The ¾” bell-shaped flowers are rosy-pink, and are slightly flared at the tips, revealing a soft-pink interior. The tubular shape of the flowers will entice Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bees to visit your garden, and the low-growing and spreading growth habit of ‘Wyn’s Wonder’ provides shade and shelter for ground-dwelling birds and reptiles.

Boasting a long flowering season, starting in autumn and continuing through spring, this is a plant you’ll want to find a place for in your garden. It is drought tolerant once established and does best in fast-draining rocky soil. Plant in full sun to partial shade and avoid locations that reflect heat from a wall or pavement. It is relatively low maintenance. The New Sunset Western Garden Book states that it’s “easy to kill with kindness (overwatering and overfertilizing).” In addition to all of these wonderful attributes, it’s also Deer resistant! The Sunset Western Climate Zones are 4-24, and it’s cold hardy to 20-25°F. We are currently growing Correa ‘Wyn’s Wonder’ in 5 gallon containers.


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