Bellis perennis 'Bellissima'

Bellis perennis ‘BELLISSIMA WHITE’ A member of one of the largest plant families, Asteracea, containing 32,913 species, Bellis or “English Daisy” is just one of many composite-type flowers. Like a sunflower, composite flowers are not just a single flower as they appear, but hundreds of flowers grouped together to form one capitula. These flowers close up at night, earning the title of ‘Days eye’. Chaucer called Bellis, “eye of the day”. Bellis is considered valuable in English-Cottage inspired gardens. Bellis is one of the many flowers mentioned by Ophelia in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, and is thought to be a symbol of innocence. Native to Europe and Asia, these composite flowers bloom on simple

Verbena De La Mina (Cedros Island Verbena)

Verbena lilacina ‘De La Mina’ (Cedros Island Verbena) This herbaceous perennial has a compact, mounding growth habit, growing 18-24 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide. ‘De La Mina’s’ purple flowers are sweetly scented and grow in clusters atop stems that extend 8 inches above the plant’s silhouette. This beautiful plant is very hardy and blooms almost all year, with its peak bloom cycle from spring through fall. It is drought tolerant once established, but will benefit from occasional irrigation in the dry summer months. It is easy to grow and makes a beautiful display when mass planted as a border or in a mixed bed with Saliva greggii ‘Autumn Moon’, Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’, Teuchrium fruticans

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