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Spring Tomato Spotlight

Here we are well into Spring, and we have the tomato selection to prove it! We have many special variety tomato plants in gallon pots, a few of which we will briefly highlight here.

We have a large selection of heirloom tomatoes, one of which is the ‘Orange Oxheart’ variety. These high yielding plants produce oxheart-shaped 3’’ fruits that are deep golden orange in color. The meaty, aromatic flesh is a popular choice for using in sauces and canning. These plants are indeterminate, meaning they grow and produce fruit throughout the growing season. They reach maturity in about 80 days.

Another heirloom tomato we have is called ‘Zapotec Pink Ribbed’. These plants bear dark pink to red beefsteak type fruits that grow up to 8-16 oz and have a mildly sweet flavor. These plants originated with the Zapotec tribe near the Mexican state of Oaxaca. They are also indeterminate and reach maturity in 80-90 days.

Our final feature is ‘Yellow Jellybean’ which is a cherry-type tomato. These are prolific plants that yield oblong fruits in clusters of 15-30 with vibrant yellow skin and sweet flavor. In the culinary world, yellow jellybean is often paired with red grape-like tomato types. This indeterminate plant reaches maturity in roughly 72 days. Lucky for us growers, yellow jellybean fruits can be harvested later in the growing season than most other varieties.

Here are some general growing tips to be aware of. Be sure to plant your tomatoes in full sun and well-drained soil. Tomatoes thrive with regular watering. Many tomato plants will benefit from training, which means applying a support to your plant so that the branches do not bend and fruits do not grow on the ground. Always be sure to protect plants from frost.

Please feel free to give us a call with any further questions about tomato plant care and/or to learn about the other 14 varieties we have in gallon pots here at Clearwater Color. Cheers to Spring planting!


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