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Senecio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ (Skyscraper Senecio)

This upright succulent grows 3-4 feet tall x 1-2 feet wide, with multiple vertical stems growing from the base. Each stem consists of 3 - 4 inch, elongated blue-green leaves that are slightly flattened and covered in a glaucous waxy coating. These are the much bigger cousin to the medium-sized Senecio mandralacea and the compact and spreading Senecio serpens.

Senecio f. ‘Mount Everest’ can be grown both indoors as a houseplant and outdoors in a rock garden, or in other low-water areas of the landscape. If enjoying as a houseplant, place in a bright and sunny room. If grown outdoors, place in bright shade to dappled sunlight. Provide very well-drained soil that contains at least 50% mineral grit such as perlite, coarse sand or pumice. If grown in a container, give a thorough watering – enough for the water to drain freely out of drainage holes - and then wait for the soil to dry before watering again.

This handsome succulent is a great one to plant in a large container as a natural sculptural element for your porch, patio or balcony. In addition, its height, color and texture make it an interesting focal point in the center or corner of the garden. The thick, fleshy leaves have water-storing properties, making it a good choice for a fire-safe landscape. It is cold hardy to 25°F.


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