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Kalanchoe hildebrandtii ‘Silver Teaspoons’

Kalanchoe hildebrandtii ‘Silver Teaspoons’

Pronounced Ka-luhn-KOW-ee hihl-duh-BRAND-tee-eye. These shrubby succulents are best known for their fleshy silver-green foliage that seem to shimmer in the sunlight. The 1-2 inch long, ovate shaped leaves are covered in fine hairs called trichomes that help protect them from sunburn and enable the plants to imbibe tiny water droplets from the environment. These fine hairs give the leaves a velvety appearance that is soft to the touch.

Kalanchoe hildebrandtii ‘Silver Teaspoons’ grows about 3 feet tall, and has multiple well-branched stems. It is often confused with Kalanchoe bracteata, but can be differentiated by its flowers. K. bracteata has brilliant red flowers, where K. hildebrandtii has flowers that range in color from white, to yellow to pale green.

‘Silver Teaspoons’ prefers bright indirect light and can be grown as an indoor plant as long as it’s located in a bright room, away from direct sun-light. Generally speaking, this is a drought tolerant succulent. During fall and winter, when its growth is most active, provide average water. In summer, when it is mostly dormant, reduce water. In both instances, provide very well-drained soil. Terra cotta pots are ideal for this succulent, as the pot itself is porous and allows the soil to dry out quicker. Be sure to pour off any accumulated water in the drainage tray so the plant is not sitting in water. Protect from frost.

We are growing Kalanchoe hildebrandtii ‘Silver Teaspoons’ (and many other succulents) in 4.5” pots. Visit our website and Instagram page to see photos of these and many other

plants we are growing.


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