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Graptosedum ' California Sunset'

If you love the classic colors of a California sunset, you’ll be in awe of the peachy pink hues of Graptosedum ‘California Sunset.’

‘California Sunset’ boasts lovely rosette-shaped leaves that have peachy pink leaf tips and fade into a green color in the center. Graptosedum is a hybrid cross between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum aldolphii. The green center comes from the gray-green color of G. paraguayense. They are similar to an echeveria but much tougher. Beautiful white flowers bloom in the spring.

‘California Sunset’ is an easy to care for succulent and can thrive as an indoor or outdoor plant! You’ll want to plant it in a sunny location that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. Plant it in a fast-draining soil mix to help prevent root rot. As with most succulents, they don’t like to be overwatered so only water when the soil feels dry. ‘California Sunset’ is not cold hardy or frost tolerant, so be sure to move it inside in the winter or during colder weather. If you plant to grow it indoors as a houseplant, bright light is key! This is what helps give ‘California Sunset’ it’s stunning colors! Find a sunny windowsill or a location with bright, filtered light. If the plant is stretching for light, it’s probably not getting enough sun. Under the right conditions, this is a fast-growing succulent that actively grows in the spring and fall. It can grow 12” H x 9” W.

This is a low-growing succulent so it’s perfect in mixed containers, hanging baskets, or as a groundcover. It’s pet safe so, as mentioned above, this also makes a wonderful houseplant!


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