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This week we explore a visually stunning perennial known as Alstroemeria, or the Peruvian Lily. True to its name, Alstroemeria originated in the cool mountainous regions of Peru and other South American countries. Nowadays, both heirloom and hybrid varieties are found in gardens and flower arrangements across the globe. The showy, intricate blooms are truly sights to behold. Petals come in a variety of colors including orange, salmon, peach, red, and magenta with darker colored flecks and stripes. Clusters of these flowers sit atop long, leafy stems reaching 2-5 feet in height. Stems and foliage grow primarily during winter months and into early spring, at which point flower producing shoots begin to emerge and bloom through the end of the summer season. These lovely flowers are known to attract birds!

Alstroemeria thrives in well drained, slightly acidic soil and full sun. It is important to note that in especially hot climates afternoon shade is recommended as extreme heat can hinder flowering. Removal of spent blooms throughout the summer months encourages new ones to arise. These plants need regular watering. If you are handling this plant in your garden, it is recommended that gloves are worn as it can cause dermatitis for those with an allergy.

Here at Clearwater Color we are growing Alstroemeria in one gallon and three gallon pots. Our plants are currently in both bud and bloom! To learn more about Alstroemeria or any others that pique your interest, please give us a call, check out our website (, or follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook. We look forward to connecting!


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