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Juncus tenuis ‘Blue Darts’ (Common Rush)

Juncus tenuis ‘Blue Darts’ (Common Rush)

As part of PanAmerican Seed’s ColorGrass® line of perennials, Juncus tenuis ‘Blue Darts’ is a top performer in the landscape. This versatile, grass-like perennial is adaptable to a wide range of garden conditions. It can tolerate both very wet and very dry soil conditions, it is both heat and frost tolerant, and can be grown in both sun and shade. It grows 14-16” tall x 10-12” wide. Once established, it slowly spreads by creeping rhizomes.

‘Blue Darts’ provides height to mixed containers and is often used as the “filler” component of a “thriller-spiller-filler” combination. The cylindrical blue-green leaves of ‘Blue Darts’ add a neutral backdrop from which the “thriller” plant can really shine. Its clean vertical lines add an architectural element when mass planted in the landscape, and it’s a good choice tucked among boulders in a mixed succulent bed. Lastly, ‘Blue Darts’ works well as an indoor plant if placed in a room with plenty of light.

We are currently growing Juncus tenuis ‘Blue Darts’ in one gallon containers. Visit our website to see photos of these and many more plants we are growing. Also, follow us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to have an inside look at the happenings around the nursery.

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