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Scaevola  aemula,  Family- Goodenia

Scaevola aemula, Family- Goodenia

Scaevola comes from the Latin word for ‘Left handed’, referring to a legendary assassin, Gaius Mucius Scaevola, said to have burnt his right hand off as a show of bravery during the early years of the Roman Republic. You can see why the one handed inference was made, when you view the bright, semicircle of petals this plant boasts. Another species, native to Hawaii, carries with it a legend of a woman brokenheartedly ripping away half of the flower, leaving her false lover to forever search for the other half.

This evergreen Australia native is not only showy, but heat and drought tolerant. Its cascading branches make it perfect for hanging baskets, tall containers, or as a groundcover at the base of taller plants in your landscape. Scaevola will grow to be 8-12” wide and tall. Plant in well drained soil in sun or part shade, and water it moderately when it is hot and dry. It is self-cleaning, eliminating the need for trimming off the dead flowers. Flowers will become small round wrinkled berries. Deer generally ignore it, but butterflies and bees love it. This plant has no problems with insects or diseases. We are selling one gallon containers of Scaevola aemula in three different shades: ‘Light Blue’, ‘Blue Haze’, and ‘Top Pot Blue’. Check out or website to see photos of these plants and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on what’s happening around the nursery.

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