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MixMasters™ and Trixi® Combos

MixMasters "A Grape Fit!"

If you’re looking for captivating color combos all spring and summer long, MixMaster and Trixi is the perfect addition to your garden!

Each mix is a thoughtfully curated combination of three plant varieties (usually Calibrachoa, Verbena, and Petunia) that was developed to take the hassle out of garden design. The collections are carefully matched for color, growth habit, vigor, regionality, and flower timing. They share common water requirements, with medium water needs.

MixMasters 'Cherry Plum Tart'

Unique texture of the foliage and pollinator appeal is also considered when designing plant mixes. MixMaster and Trixi combinations are perfectly balanced and have been trialed and approved for optimum growing performance.

The bold colors and trailing plant habit make them perfect for window boxes, patio planters, and hanging baskets. Since they are designed to produce season-long color, they often draw in bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

MixMasters and Trixi’s perform best in full sun and will stand up to heat, humidity, and periods of drought.

They can grow up to 12-14”H x 15-17” W

MixMasters 'Tea Party Improved'

We are currently growing MixMasters and Trixi combos in one gallon containers in the following mixes:

MixMasters ‘Panorama,’ MixMasters ‘Tea Party Improved,’ Trixi ‘Batting Eyes,’ MixMasters ‘A Grape Fit,’ MixMasters ‘Cherry Plum Tart,’ Trixi ‘Gold and Bold,’ and Trixi ‘Lollipop.’


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