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Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’

Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’

A large succulent that is thought to be either an Intergeneric hybrid resulting from a cross between Manfreda variegata and Agave celsii (now known as Agave mitis), or a tetraploid mutation of Manfreda variegata. Mangaves have grown in popularity over the last several years, and add interesting structure, color and texture to low water gardens and containers.

Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’ is rosette-forming, with long, fleshy gray-green leaves that are densely covered with brownish-purple spots. It grows 2-3 feet tall x 4-6 feet wide. Established plants will produce a thick, burgundy-red stalk that grows up to 8 feet tall and is topped with creamy-white flowers (much to the delight of the local Hummingbird population). The rosettes typically stay solitary until the first flowering, at which time several offsets will emerge from below the older rosette. These can be easily removed and transplanted elsewhere.

These handsome succulents require little care other than occasional water in the hottest times of the year. Plant in full sun to bright shade. If you live in an area with very cold winters, protect from frost if your area gets below 10°F.

We are currently growing Mangave ‘Macho Mocha’ in 5 gallon containers. To see photos of these plants, visit Blog page on our website Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on happenings around the nursery.


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