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Epilobium californica ‘Catalina’ (CA Native)

The hottest days of summer are no threat to Epilobium californica ‘Catalina.’ For many of the California Fuchsia’s, it’s their season to shine! These cheerful, bright orange-red flowers are a must have in any native garden. E. californica ‘Catalina’ is unusually tall for a fuchsia, growing up to 4-5’ high! They’re also known to bloom later and longer than other cultivars – a win if you’re looking for color to last you through summer and fall! The leaves are a soft grey-green color and grow up from a woody base.

This perennial herb does best in full sun in coastal sites and sun or part shade if planted inland. Once established, it is drought tolerant. After flowering, you can cut the plant back pretty hard for a denser and more attractive plant the following spring. To encourage lateral growth, you can do some light pinching in the spring. It tolerates most soil types, but well-drained soil is recommended.

‘Catalina’ is great planted in pots or baskets, spreading 4-5’ wide. Since it needs soil with excellent drainage, you can also plant it on a slope or hillside along other natives. Solidago, eriogonum, mimulus, encelia, and penstemon are all excellent summer-blooming companion plants. Not only is ‘Catalina’ a champion of summer color, but it’s also a good food source for pollinators and hummingbirds, which makes it an excellent choice for hummingbird and pollinator gardens. It is also deer resistant.

Epilobium californica ‘Catalina’ is in full bloom in 1 gallon containers at the nursery. Check out our availability for more information.


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