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Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ (Creeping Speedwell)

Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ (Creeping Speedwell)

Have you ever been searching for just the right plant that will add a pop of color to a slope or rock garden? If so, Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ is one you don’t want to miss! The petite blossoms create drifts of color ranging from sky blue to deep cobalt, creating a lush carpet that draws in beneficial pollinators. ‘Georgia Blue’s low-growing - spreading growth habit makes it a great choice for a groundcover, planted as a border along garden path, or spilling over the edge of a container or retaining wall.

This durable plant is very easy to grow and has a long bloom season. When the bloom cycle is complete, simply trim it back to promote re-bloom.

Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ can be grown in full sun to part shade. The Sunset Climate Zones are 2-9, 14-24. In very cold winter areas it’s best to provide it with some protection from hard frosts. Plant in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter and provide regular irrigation.

It grows 4 – 6” tall and 12 – 24” wide. Hummingbirds and Butterflies are attracted to the sweet little flowers but rabbit and deer will stay away. We are growing Veronica umbrosa ‘Georgia Blue’ in 1 gallon containers. We invite you to follow us Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to get a behind the scene look at what’s happening around our beautiful nursery.

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