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Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ (Correa alba x Correa backhousiana)

Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ (Correa alba x Correa backhousiana)

Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ is native to eastern Australia and is one of those tried and true perennials that perform well in a variety of growing conditions including full sun to part shade. ‘Ivory Bells’ is one of those unique plants that thrive in seaside conditions, not being bothered by the wind and salt spray. Because it is drought tolerant it will also thrive when planted under Oaks.

This durable perennial has felted oval-shaped leaves and creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers that bloom from fall through early spring. Hummingbirds and other beneficial pollinators are attracted to the sweet nectar of ‘Ivory Bells’, but the densely felted leaves keep the deer away.

Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ grows 4-5 feet tall by 4-5 feet wide and is a good choice to use as a low screen or planted alongside other Mediterranean climate perennials. It is hardy to 20-25°F, and the Sunset Climate Zones are 14-24. We are growing Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ in one gallon containers. Give us a call or check out our website to see photos of these and many more plants we are growing.

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