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Seslaria ‘Greenlee Hybrid’

Seslaria ‘Greenlee Hybrid’

(Greenlee’s Hybrid Moor Grass)

Native to slopes and mountains of South Eastern Europe, Seslaria is a part of the 5th largest plant family, Poacea, the grass family. This family is the most economically important of all plant families, as it contains plants that produce cereal, maize, wheat, rice, barley, millet, bamboo, straw, and even fuel (ethanol). Seslaria ‘Greenlee’s Hybrid’ is a hybrid of Seslaria autumnalis and Seslaria caerulea, discovered by John Greenlee on his Pomona, California nursery in 2006.

Seslaria ‘Greenlee Hybrid’ is a tough evergreen perennial that is very drought tolerant once established. It will benefit from occasional watering while becoming established, and will need moderate watering in hotter inland areas. It is very versatile, growing in full sun or part shade, in most any soil, but prefers some afternoon shade in hot summer regions. The Sunset Western Climate Zones are 3b-10, and 14-24. It is hardy to 0° and has no pests or diseases. A good trim in the spring will not do it any harm, and will clean up its appearance and encourage new flowering and growth.

Use this grass as a filler with ornamentals and in between natives, or as a groundcover in empty areas around trees and shrubs. It is a lovely accent grass when planted with Eschscholzia Californica, as the pop of orange flowers contrasts nicely with the blue-green foliage of this attractive grass. The pale purple flowers bloom in the spring and summer, and will grow 1 foot tall and wide. It will self seed and will spread in areas that give it the space to do so. We are currently growing Seslaria ‘Greenelee Hybrid’ in gallon sized containers. Please give us a call, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or check out our website at to learn more about this and other plants we are growing here at Clearwater Color!

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