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Agastache mexicana ‘Forever Summer Berry’ & ‘Forever Summer Melon’

Agastache mexicana ‘Forever Summer Berry’ & ‘Forever Summer Melon’

These late-summer bloomers will surprise and delight you with their bright and cheerful whorls of salvia-like flowers. An upright variety in the Lamiaceae family, these beauties are packed with rosy-pink, violet, and salmon blooms. They are a great addition to herb gardens, with their lemon-mint fragrance drawing in Hummingbirds, Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. A few months ago, we did our blog on an Asian variety of Agastache, however this week we want to introduce a variety that is grown a little closer to home. Agastache mexicana ‘Forever Summer Berry’ & ‘Forever Summer Melon’ are brightening up our nursery with their abundance of blooms….the local hummingbird population can hardly stay away!

Also known as Mexican Lemon Hyssop, this beautiful plant is hardy to heat and cold, and loves an arid climate. The Sunset Climate Zones for Agastache mexicana are 3-24 and it performs best if plant in full to part sun, in well-drained soil. Both ‘Forever Summer Berry’ and ‘Forever Summer Melon’ will bloom from late summer through late fall.

We are currently growing Agastache mexicana ‘Forever Summer Berry’ and ‘Forever Summer Melon’ in 1 gallon sized containers. Give us a call, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or check our website at , to see photos of and learn more about these and other plants we are growing.

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