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Begonia semperflorens aka ‘Wax Begonia’, ‘Bedding Begonia’, ‘Fibrous Begonia’

Begonia semperflorens aka ‘Wax Begonia’, ‘Bedding Begonia’, ‘Fibrous Begonia’

The most widely chosen type of Begonia planted by landscapers and homeowners alike. This type of Begonia grows 6-8” tall and is a great choice for mass planting in garden beds, or in containers. They grow in both dark leaf and green leaf. The dark leaves range from a light bronze to a deep brown, and the deep green leaves are sometimes bordered in red. The flower colors come in shades of white, blush, pink, rose, bi-color, scarlet and deep red.

Begonia semperflorens bloom spring through fall, and in mild-winter climates can live for several years. The bronze leaf varieties are tolerant of being planted in full sun to shade, and the green leaf varieties thrive in dappled light to shade. They perform best with regular watering, however they will tolerate drought conditions due to their thick and waxy leaves, which will help minimize water loss in hot weather.

It is best to space this variety of Begonias at least 8” apart to promote good air circulation and to reduce potential for fungal disease problems. They should be planted in rich, well-drained soil that has been prepared with compost or other organic matter that will help to retain moisture. Because they are perennials, they respond well to being cut back.

Begonia semperflorens, with proper care, can live 4-5 years when grown as a houseplant. When grown indoors they should be placed in a room that receives bright, indirect light. (A South, East or West facing room is best) When watering your houseplant Begonia, it is best to use room temperature water and always allow the soil to dry out between watering’s. Overwatering will lead to root-rot. Pinch back leggy growth to maintain a compact form.

We at Clearwater Color Nursery are growing a wide selection of Begonia semperflorens, including the ‘Bronze Leaf’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Organdy’, ‘Sprint’ and ‘Super Olympia’ series. We grow our Begonias in 6 pack flats (that’s 36 plants per flat!) Check out our availability at to see a brief description of leaf and flower color for each variety we sell.

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