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Primula obconica 'Libre'

Primula obconica

While other plants are dormant for the winter, Primula obconica is sending up delicate colorful clusters of blooms for your enjoyment. Also known as “florist’s primrose”, this is a cool season plant that flowers winter throughout spring. The primrose is the symbol of spring and Easter, and is celebrated on April 19th every year. This is the largest primrose that we grow here at Clearwater Color Nursery. The large, bright green 5-7 inch heart shaped leaves curl down at the edges, bowing to the beauty of the delicate round flower buds, rising on 6-10 inch stems. The Genus Primula is native to China, but is found all over the northern hemisphere, and contains 500 species. Half of these species are found in the Himalaya’s! Primula obconica is included in the family Primulaceae with other familiar bloomers, Cyclamen and Anagallis. The name Primula is the Greek feminine version of primus, for first flower to bloom. Obconica means inversely conical.

Primula obconica likes gentle morning sun, afternoon shade, and moist, well drained soil rich in organic matter. If you plant in your garden, mulch will help keep the soil moist, as obconica prefers. This plant also works really well in containers, and removing dead flowers will keep the buds coming into spring. If you do bring it indoors, make sure your cat or dog cannot ingest the foliage, as it is poisonous to them. It contains an allergen primin in its leaves that may cause a rash in persons with sensitive skin, so those people should wear gloves. We are currently selling Primula obconica in 4 inch pots. Give us a call, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or check out our website at to see photos and learn more about this beautiful plant and many others we grow!

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