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Verbena Firehouse™ Series

Verbena Firehouse™ Burgundy

These showy perennials are well-loved for their large blooms, vigorous growth, disease resistance, and long-lasting color!

The Verbena Firehouse™ series boasts large, colorful clusters of small star-shaped flowers with white eyes in a variety of colors. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Their tiny tomentose narrow leaves remain green in color all season.

Their trailing, spreading growth habit makes them a great groundcover in your garden. They are also attractive in mixed containers, flower beds, and hanging baskets and spill over in a gentle cascade. Verbenas will bring a fine and delicate texture to the garden composition.

Verbena Firehouse™ Red

Verbenas do best in full sun/partial shade and have low water needs. They bloom best in hot weather which makes them great heat performers. This particular series has excellent powdery mildew resistance! Deadhead to encourage new blooms and it should bloom long into summer and won’t cycle out of color in your garden. Verbenas can grow 8-10”H x 18-22”W.

Verbena Firehouse™ White

Summer blooms attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It is also heat tolerant and deer resistant. Verbenas are also highly tolerant of urban pollution and will thrive in inner city environments.

The Sunset Western Garden zone is 8-24

We are growing the Firehouse™ series in 4.5” rounds at the nursery in the following color varieties: red, white, and burgundy.


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