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Teucrium ackermannii

This week we look at a beautiful perennial subshrub of the Mint family. Teucrium ackermannii forms a low, densely packed mound of soft, silvery grey foliage. It has a spreading growth habit, reaching 1-2 feet in width and 4 inches in height. Beginning in the Spring season, large buds give rise to profuse light pink blooms that attract bees and other beneficial pollinators.

According to The New Sunset Western Garden Book, Teucrium thrives in full sun and moderate watering. T. ackermannii can tolerate poor, gravelly soil, making it an excellent landscaping choice for rock gardens. Another wonderful feature is that it is resistant to deer and oftentimes gophers. This Teucrium is considered winter hardy at USDA zones 7 and higher.

We currently have T. ackermannii in bud and bloom in gallon size pots. We also have Teucrium aroanium in gallons which is a recognized as a popular groundcover for its fragrant foliage and blooms. Please feel free to give us a call or write an email with any questions you may have about these Teucriums or any others we have in stock!


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