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Salvia ‘Skyscraper™’ series

Salvia ‘Skyscraper™’ series

A tender perennial with vibrant flowers that attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bees. The ‘Skyscraper™’ series has three colors; ‘Purple’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Orange’, each bringing bold pops of color to the landscape. The growth habit is compact yet well-branched, and the slender, free-flowing stems are topped with large and vibrant tubular flowers.

‘Skyscraper™’ Salvias grow 14-28 inches tall x 10-16 inches wide. They thrive in full sun to partial shade and are moderately heat tolerant. (In hottest summer heat regions, plant in partial shade) In mild winter regions, they are considered a perennial, however everywhere else treat as an annual. In the summer, after a bloom cycle is complete, provide a light shearing to promote new growth and flower production. These beauties are ideal for cottage gardens, cut-flower gardens, patio containers, and mass planted in garden beds.

We are currently growing ‘Salvia ‘Skyscraper™ Pink, Purple and Orange’ in one gallon containers. To see photos of these beautiful Salvias, visit our website As always, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @clearwatercolornursery.


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