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Mangave ‘Falling Waters’

Mangave ‘Falling Waters’

Introduced in 2018, Mangave ‘Falling Waters’ is part of the “Mad About Mangave”® Collection that has taken the nursery industry by storm. These unique plants are a result of cross breeding of Manfreda mpaculosa and Agave ovatifolium. As a result, they enjoy the best of both worlds – good growth rate and interesting patterns of the Manfreda and the growth habit and finesse of Agave.

Mangave ‘Falling Waters’ has a three-dimensional, sculptural look to it, with its wavy branches cascading down like a fountain This is definitely a focal plant for any low-water area of the garden. It is also a great choice for large patio containers, as the branches are allowed to flow over the sides of the pot.

‘Falling Waters’ grows best in full sun to partial shade, in well-drained soil. The foliage is shades of gray-blue-green with lavender to rose flecks that become more pronounced withincreased sun exposure. It grows 6-8 inches tall x 12-15 inches wide. It is cold hardy to about 25°F and requires infrequent water once established.

We are currently growing Mangave ‘Falling Waters’ in 5 gallon containers. To see photos of these handsome succulents, visit our website


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