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For those of us hoping to add captivating color, shape, and texture to our landscapes during this warm, dry summer, the succulent perennial known as Mangave may be just what we are searching for. A cross between Manfreda and Agave, Mangaves present a variety of unique colors and forms. Many types display spotted, wavy foliage due to the Manfreda parentage. Foliage color and spotting are richer and more dramatic when planted outside in full sun. The durable rosette form of Mangave is a characteristic feature of Agave. Many types display spines along leaf edges and tips which are a deterrent to most animals including deer. These spines make wearing gloves when handling very important!

Both parent lineages are native to alpine and desert regions making Mangave drought resistant. Allowing almost all of the soil to dry out before watering will help prevent root rot. They can be overwintered in temperatures of 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Mangaves perform beautifully in containers and rock gardens, paired with other drought tolerant species or as stunning stand-alone features.

Here at Clearwater Color we are growing five types of Mangave in five gallon containers: Falling Waters, Inkblot, Macho Mocha, Tooth Fairy, and Pineapple Express. As suggested by the name, the wavy, blue-green leaves of Falling Waters resemble moving water as they cascade downwards. Inkblot displays thick, downward arching deep green leaves with red spotting. Macho Mocha wows with green-grey leaves and profuse red-brown spotting. Tooth Fairy is a smaller variety with notable brightly colored spines and spotted blue-green leaves. Pineapple Express resembles the top of a pineapple with an upright rosette form and burgundy spotting on dark green foliage. Our Mangaves are responding well to the recent heat and are ready to find homes in your next landscape design! Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions regarding these plants – as always, we look forward to connecting with you. In the meantime, find and follow us on Instagram and on our website at


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