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Lemon & Armenian Cucumbers

Cucumbers belong to the family Cucurbitaceae (try saying that aloud!), which also includes squash and melons. The cucumber fruits appear on trailing vines that can sprawl up to 25 square feet. When growing space is limited, they can be grown on fences or trellises. The flowers require heat for pollination, making late spring through early summer an ideal time for planting. When watering, it is important to avoid overhead irrigation as this can promote downy mildew. Instead, regular watering through drip irrigation or furrows is recommended. Cucumber vines thrive in full sun and can be grown successfully in all Climate Zones of the West defined by The New Sunset Western Garden Book.

Here at Clearwater Color we have several types of cucumbers growing, including a very popular variety known as the lemon cucumber. As its name suggests, these fruits resemble lemons with a yellow ribbed exterior and tennis ball shape and size. Their mild flavor makes them quite versatile; many enjoy eating them raw in salads or grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper. Another variety we have here at our nursery is called the Armenian cucumber. Calling it a cucumber is somewhat misleading given that it is actually a melon that resembles a cucumber in appearance. Remember though that this resemblance isn’t extremely surprising since both cucumbers and melons are part of the Cucurbitaceae family! Armenian cucumber plants produce curved, ribbed fruits that are pale green and reach roughly 12 inches in length. The taste is mild and sweet, making them excellent choices for salads, sandwiches, grilling, or pickling. To learn more about these cucumbers or other varieties we have looking vibrant, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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