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Lavandula stoechas ‘Princess’

We’ve got lavender in bloom at the nursery and Lavandula ‘Princess’ is turning heads!

With it’s intense, electric-pink flower heads, it can be seen from a distance, especially in larger groupings. This early-flowering Spanish lavender is famous for its beautiful flowers and fragrance that provides a long-lasting display throughout spring and early summer. It has narrow gray-green leaves that compliment the blooms nicely. Flowers are borne on short 2” spikes topped by two to four flaglike bracts resembling rabbit ears (see photo below).

Flag-like bracts resembling rabbit ears and a happy pollinator

Blossoms open in four vertical rows around the spike. ‘Princess’ has a compact, rounded form that reaches 1 ½-3’ tall and wide at full maturity.

Like most other lavenders, plant in full sun/partial shade. Once established, water occasionally and more frequently in extreme heat or in containers. They will succeed in cool coastal or mountain climates. To keep plants in their compact form, it is suggested that you shear it back by one-third to one-half every year immediately after bloom.

‘Princess’ is great for mass planting and container gardening. It makes a great herb garden border or low hedge. It’s excellent in a rock garden or on slopes. The dried flowers may be used for sachets and potpourri. For best results making potpourri, it’s recommended that you cut flower spikes or strip the flowers from their stems just as blossoms begin to show color. Dry cut flowers in a cool, shady place.

This easy to care for plant attracts bees and butterflies. It is dry tolerant and can handle poor or alkaline soils. With it’s many uses and benefits, ‘Princess’ also makes a great gift plant! The Sunset Western Garden Zones are 4-24

We are currently growing Lavandula ‘Princess’ in gallons at the nursery. Visit our website for more information.


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