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Kale 'Prizm'

This week’s blog is dedicated to all lovers of dark leafy greens! An All-America Selections Winner, ‘Prizm’ Kale is recognized as a stand out member of the Brassica genus - a large, diverse group of cabbages and mustards. This particular variety impresses with its compact growth habit and tightly ruffled leaves. The leaves are classically bright green in color and reach a length of 6-8 inches. Mature plants are just over a foot tall. These beautiful plants are quite versatile, seen commonly in neat rows in vegetable gardens and as ornamental additions to colorful flower beds.

‘Prizm’ performs best when planted in full sun and watered regularly. The plant reaches maturity in 45 days on average, at which point you may harvest the full leaves. The New Sunset Western Garden Book recommends that the outer leaves be harvested first. A hardy grower, ‘Prizm’ is known to thrive in all Climate Zones just like other members of the Brassica genus. In areas with warmer summers, ‘Prizm’ can be planted in late summer for a fall crop. Meanwhile in regions with cooler temperatures, it can be planted in late spring for summer harvest. Interestingly, light frost actually sweetens the flavor of the leaves.

With ‘Prizm’ flourishing in your garden, you can look forward to a long season of productivity as this variety of kale is known to re-leaf quickly. As is true of many other varieties, ‘Prizm’ is rich in fiber and Vitamin K making it a wonderful addition to your favorite smoothies, salads, soups, and other cooked dishes. The leaves are known for their rich, slightly nutty flavor.

Here at Clearwater Color Nursery we are currently growing ‘Prizm’ Kale in 6-packs. To learn more about this variety and about the many other types of kale, lettuces, and vegetables we have in our greenhouses waiting to find a home in your garden, give us a call or check out our weekly availability listed on our website (yes, this one!) at


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