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Heuchera sanguineum ‘Ruby Bells’

With a name that befits its appearance, Ruby Bells is a standout in the garden! The dainty blood red blooms rise above a low mound of attractive deep green foliage making it a nice contrast against a backdrop of shrubs.

Ruby Bells are evergreen plants that are prized for their foliage. This variety has round, compact leaves with lobed edges that remain green in color all year long. The slender 1-3ft long stems bear loose clusters of tiny, nodding, bell-shaped flowers that have a subtle, sweet fragrance.

Ruby Bells do well in full sun (in cooler climates only). In warmer regions, they thrive with afternoon shade or a northern exposure. They have regular to moderate watering needs and grow best in hummus rich soil with good drainage.

Ruby Bells can grow up to 12” tall (16” with bloom) and can spread up to 16” wide. Since the foliage is compact and mounding, it makes an excellent groundcover in front of shrubs. Ruby Bells are also great among boulders in rock/alpine gardens and can be planted as edging for beds of taller perennials. Their tall blooms make them perfect in container compositions.

There are many things to love about Ruby Bells. Besides being an easy to care for plant, they also attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The blooms make a great cut flower that can last 4-8 weeks! It is also deer and rabbit resistant. We are currently selling these in 4.5” rounds at the nursery and we know they will be a winner in your garden!


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