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Euphorbia characias 'Tasmanian Tiger'

Euphorbia characias ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ is beautiful perennial shrub that boasts chartreuse leaves year-round. Creamy white variegation provides lovely color contrast to these leaves. ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ reaches 3 feet wide and tall at maturity. In late winter, yellow-green flowers appear in dense clusters and bloom into the summer season.

This plant performs best in full sun and well drained soil, though it can tolerate partial shade. A hardy grower, Euphorbia characias needs occasional to moderate watering. With its naturally rounded shape, it is an ideal addition to gravel gardens and along borders. In late summer, it is recommended that flowers be cut back at the base of the stem to encourage another season of flowering.

A Mediterranean native, this shrub is best suited for Climate Zones 4-24 (The New Sunset Western Garden Book). We are currently growing ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ in 1 gallon pots. If you have find you have more question about this plant or the many others we have growing at our nursery, give us a call. For updates on new plants and those that are looking especially vibrant, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Happy gardening!


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