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Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Double the Sun’

‘Double the Sun’ lives up to its name with its bright, golden yellow blooms and continuous flowering! This variety blooms 2-3 weeks earlier than Early Sunrise. In the summer, it finishes 1 to 2 weeks earlier. [see photo below]

'Double the Sun' pictured on the left and 'Early Sunrise' on the right.

‘Double the Sun’ produces single yellow flowers that bloom on a compact mound of foliage. It has narrow dark green leaves and grows 1-2’H x 3’W. This is a tough perennial that offers excellent heat and drought tolerance once established in the garden.

‘Double the Sun’ performs best in full sun and prefers well drained, fertile soil. It has little to moderate water needs. Deadhead spent blooms to prolong the flowering period. Cut back to ground level at the end of the season.

The mounded, compact form of ‘Double the Sun’ makes it great as a border along garden paths. It’s also used in containers, planters, and in flower beds. This is a wonderful cut flower and the strong flowering will give you fresh flowers all summer long!

Bees and butterflies are attracted to the bright blooms and even the seed heads attract birds! It is deer resistant.

The Sunset Western Garden Zones are 2-24; H1, H2.

We are currently growing Coreopsis 'Double the Sun' in gallons and 4.5" rounds.


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