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Calamintha nepetoides

This is a lovely evergreen shrub with shiny, bright green foliage. Long, slender stems grow outwards, reaching about 1.5 feet in height. A mature plant can cover 2.5 feet. The upper ends of stems host tiny, two-lipped flowers that are pale-lilac to white. Blooms are profuse and appear in summer and last through fall. As a member of the Mint family, the foliage has a wonderful minty-lemon scent. Leaves are often used for tea and flavor in a variety of dishes. Fortunately, C. nepetoides can self-sow but does not spread as aggressively as other types of mint.

The flowers of this plant are not only for us to enjoy. Bees are attracted to the blooms. We can attest as the bees here at Clearwater Color are loving our gallon size Calamintha in bloom! While it does attract beneficial pollinators, it is resistant to deer, making it an ideal addition to open garden spaces. The New Sunset Western Garden Book notes that Climate Zones 1-9 and 14-24 are suitable for growing Calamintha. It thrives in full sun or light shade and with moderate watering. With any questions about this plant or the many others we carry, feel free to give us a call or send an email. In the meantime, check us out on Instagram or on our website at


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