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Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’

There are around 150 different kinds of asparagus (besides the edible one) and ‘Sprengeri’ is one of them! It is native to southern Africa but is a widely cultivated perennial plant.

They’re mostly valued for their textured foliage, which creates great visual interest when massed. The arching stems and shiny, bright green, needle-like leaves make them a beautiful addition to your home or garden. Some of the ornamental species have small, fragrant flowers and colorful berries.

Sprengeri can grow up to 24”H x 48” W and their upright spreading growth habit makes them popular for hanging baskets and containers. They can also be trained on a trellis and climb by means of small hooked prickles. They’re great for mass planting, borders, container gardens, and an indoor accent plant.

Sprengeri is a relatively low maintenance plant that can grow in ordinary or even poor soil. They do best in partial shade but thrive in sun in cool-summer climates. Plants may turn yellow in dense shade. They can survive a light frost but may be killed after severe cold. After frost, plants often come back.

We are currently growing Sprengeri in 4.5” rounds at the nursery.

The Sunset Western Climate Zones are 12-24; H1, H2; or indoors.


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