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Stachys byzantine ‘Lamb’s Ear’

Stachys byzantine ‘Lamb’s Ear’

This herbaceous perennial is native to the Caucasus and Iran and is surprisingly drought tolerant once established. It is named for its soft fuzzy leaves that look and feel very much like a lamb’s ear. This is a great choice to plant in a Sensory Garden (See, Touch, Smell) along with Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Lemon balm, Pineapple Sage and/or Lemon Verbena. The soft feel of the leaves have a very calming effect and is a favorite plant of many children.

The silver-gray leaves form a dense, ground-hugging mat that is ideal along pathways or used as a border in mixed flower beds. The flower stalks grow 1-1 ½ feet tall with pinkish-purple flowers. If you are looking to add interest to your landscape, this is a great choice; the striking silvery foliage contrasts well with most green-leafed annuals and perennials.

Plant your Stachys byzantine ‘Lamb’s Ear’ in full to part sun in well-drained soil. Too much standing water captured within the leaves can result in leaf rot so it’s best to try to keep water on the foliage to a minimum. Divide your plants when the foliage becomes very dense, and cut back the flowering stems close to the ground after they have finished blooming. The Sunset Climate Zones for Stachys byzantine are 1-24.

We are growing Stachys byzantine ‘Lamb’s Ear’ in 4.5” flats and 1 gallon containers. Give us a call, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @clearwatercolornursery.

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