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Mentha suaveolens ‘Apple Mint’

Mentha suaveolens ‘Apple Mint’

Native to southern and western Europe as well as the Mediterranean region, Mentha suaveolens ‘Apple Mint’ is part of the family Lamiacea. Other aromatic-culinary herbs in this family include Sage, Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Savory, Hyssop and Lavender. ‘Apple Mint’ grows on sturdy stems that reach 1 ½ - 3 ft tall and spread by rhizomes.

The gray-green foliage is rounded and slightly hairy, with a sweet-minty flavor and scent. The pale-purple flowers grow on 2-3” spikes and attract Butterflies and Bees to the garden.

As with all varieties of mint, these plants have a tenacious root system and will easily spread, creating a beautiful and fragrant groundcover if permitted. To control its spread, plant in a low-wide bowl that has good drainage. Avoid placing the bowl directly on top of bare soil, as the roots may find their way to through the drain hole and take hold….did I mention they were tenacious? Cut back in late autumn for fresh new growth in the spring.

Mentha suaveolens ‘Apple Mint’ is refreshing in both hot and iced teas and adds a sweet and minty twist to fruit salads. When crushed, the leaves are is purported to bring a cooling effect and eliminate the pain caused bee, wasp or other insect bites or stings. ‘Apple Mint’ is rich in vitamins A & C and is a minimal source of vitamin B12.

The Sunset Climate Zones are 3-24, making it an ideal herb for most areas of California.

We are currently selling Mentha suaveolens ‘Apple Mint’ in both 4.5” and 4” pots. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @clearwatercolornursery and invite your friends to do the same.

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