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Kapoor Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Kapoor Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Native to India and South East Asia, Kapoor Tulsi has a complex scent – spicy and sweet, with hints of cloves, fruit and chocolate. The plant itself has a similar look to the perennial Basil ‘African Blue’, however the leaves have a different taste and scent. Small pinkish-purple flowers grow in whorls along spikes that stand out above the foliage. The sweetly fragrance flowers attract beneficial pollinators to the garden, however the scented foliage acts as a natural mosquito repellant.

Kapoor Tulsi in generally cultivated for its religious and medicinal purposes and for its essential oils. It is frequently used in both Indian and Thai cuisines as a spice in stir-fries, rice, seafood and sauces. The most common use for Kapoor Tulsi is in teas where it is purported to have a number of health benefits. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, iron, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients.

Plant your Kapoor Tulsi in an area of your garden that receives full to partial sun. The soil should be light and well-draining, and rich in organic matter. Keep soil evenly moist. It will grow 12-18 inches tall & wide. It is somewhat cold hardy, however protect from frost. We are currently growing Kapoor Tulsi in both 1 gallon and 4.5” pots. Pick some up today while supplies last. Follow us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery.

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