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Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘Moroccan Beauty’ (c. sabatius)

Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘Moroccan Beauty’ (c. sabatius)

(Blue Casbah Morning Glory, Ground Morning Glory)

This Mediterranean native is a member of the Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory) family, however unlike other Morning Glories (Ipomoea) that can be extremely invasive, Convolvulus mauritanicus has a moderate growth habit and is not prone to becoming a nuisance in the garden. It grows 1-2 feet tall and has a spread of 3-4 feet wide, creating a dense gray-green carpet covered with funnel-shaped lavender-blue flowers from early summer through autumn.

‘Moroccan Beauty’ is easy to care for, and will thrive if planted in either full or part sun. It is hardy to 15-20°. If the tops freeze back in the winter, new growth will re-sprout in the spring. In mild winter regions it’s best to prune back in late winter to maintain shape and promote new growth. The Sunset Climate Zones are 4-9, 12-24.

This hardy perennial is a great choice for seaside gardens, as it can handle the whipping winds and salt spray of the coast. Rock gardens, embankments, and retaining walls highlight ‘Moroccan Beauty’s’ trailing habit as the flowers billow over the edge. Hanging baskets, window boxes and mixed container gardens are also great ways to display ‘Moroccan Beauty’s’ lovely flowers. Finally, if you are looking for a reliable understory plant that will fill in bare areas of your garden, without crowding out its neighbors, this is the plant for you. We are growing Convolvulus mauritanicus ‘Moroccan Beauty’ in 4.5” pots. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on what’s happening around the nursery.

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