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Aloysia triphylla ‘Lemon Verbena’ (Aloysia citrodora, Lippia citriodora)

Aloysia triphylla ‘Lemon Verbena’

(Aloysia citrodora, Lippia citriodora)

A deciduous shrub native to Argentina and Chili, Aloysia triphylla ‘Lemon Verbena’ is a perennial herb that is admired for its refreshing lemon scent. In the backyard, patio or porch, Lemon Verbena plays an important role in helping to repel mosquitoes from the garden. It grows 4-6 feet tall x 4-6 feet wide, creating a bright green backdrop for garden beds and borders.

The fragrant foliage perfumes the air with a light citrus scent, and the leaves, if picked and crushed between your fingers, delights the senses with an intense lemon aroma.

Lemon Verbena is commonly used as an essential oil, in perfumes, potpourri, and aroma therapy. Many people enjoy using the fresh leaves, paired with fresh mint, to create a soothing iced or hot tea. It is delicious in fizzy beverages, infused in freshly made whipped cream, or used to add a lemon flavor to savory sauces.

Lemon Verbena’s tiny white flowers appear in late spring through autumn and attract beneficial pollinators.

The Sunset Climate Zones are 9, 10, 12-21, and are marginal in Zones 4-8. In cold-winter areas it’s best to plant your Lemon Verbena in a container that can be brought indoors to over-winter. Just make sure it is placed in a bright and airy room, and trim back frequently to maintain its shape.

We are currently growing Alyosia triphylla ‘Lemon Verbena’ in one gallon containers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to see what’s happening around our beautiful nursery.

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