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Scaevola albida ‘Mauve Clusters’

Native to Australia, Scaevola albida ‘Mauve Clusters’ forms a dense mat that grows 6 inches tall and spreads 3-5 feet wide. The glossy, bright green foliage is tipped with clusters of ½” wide lilac-mauve, fan-shaped flowers.

Scaevola albida grows stems and flowers that are smaller than those of the Scaevola aemula species. ‘Mauve Clusters’ provides excellent landscape performance if planted in full sun to partial shade, in soil that has excellent drainage. Provide moderate water. If planted in an area that is mostly shade, ‘Mauve Clusters’ will be weaker and less floriferous than if planted in full sun.

This low-growing perennial functions well as a border or informal edging plant. It is also charming when allowed to spill over the edge of a rock wall or mixed container, however it really shines as a long-lived groundcover (set plants 2 feet apart). It attracts Butterflies and is Deer resistant. ‘Mauve Clusters’ is hardy to about 25°F. It may die back in colder temps, however its roots will typically survive and the plant will re-sprout in spring. The Sunset Western Climate Zones are 8, 9, 14-24, H1, H2.

We are currently growing Scaevola albida ‘Mauve Clusters’ in 1 gallon containers. To see photos of these plants, visit our website To see some behind the scene photos of life around our nursery, follow us in Instagram and Facebook. @clearwatercolornursery.

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