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Osteospermum ‘4D’ Series (African Daisy)

Osteospermum ‘4D’ Series (African Daisy)

A new generation in Osteospermums has arrived! The ‘4D’ series is showing itself to be just as reliable as most standard Osteospermums, but with a unique double flower. Unlike most African Daisy flowers that close up in the evenings, the ‘4D’ series stays open 24/7. The plants have excellent branching and are covered with masses of blooms all season long. We are currently growing ‘4D Silver’, ‘4D Purple’ and ‘4D Sunburst’. All three varieties grow 8-12 inches tall x 12-16 inches wide and thrive in full sun along the coast and afternoon shade inland.

In coastal regions these outstanding perennials will bloom spring – autumn. In hot dry summer regions, the plant’s growth will come to a standstill until the coolness of fall returns, and with it a second bloom cycle. The ‘4D’ series is ideal for mass planting along a garden path or in mixed containers on a porch or patio. The lovely flowers have intricate, quilled petals at the center that attract Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators.

We are currently growing the ‘4D’ series of Osteospermums, (along with a wide range of equally beautiful varieties of Osteospermums) in 1 gallon containers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to see what’s happening around our neck of the woods.

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